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Tag: Media

“The hikes of others”: some thoughts on the global tightening cycle after the Fed and SNB decisions

While the Fed’s 75bps hike on Wednesday 21st was in line with expectations, the market had priced in a 100 bps hike for the SNB. In this sense the 75bps announcement came as a dovish surprise, even though this still is the biggest SNB rate increase in more than 20 years.

While the SNB explicitly did not rule out further hikes in December and, if necessary, forex market intervention in the interim, it is noteworthy to what extent governor Thomas Jordan emphasized the role of international spillovers through the hiking of other central banks and the role of transitory inflation pressures in his opening statement and the subsequent media Q&A.

Series of video interviews on energy crisis, inflation, (de-) globalization, China and government debt

Matthias Schober from the German personal finance education portal invited me for a series of half-hour videos in which we discuss the current global economic situation, ranging from the energy crisis, ECB monetary policy to China and government finances.

The first of the series, covering the energy crsis and inflation available here:

Update Sep 14th 2022: The second part , covering global power shifts and the economic outlook for China, US, Europe is now available here:

We are currently planning another interview on government debt for in a couple of weeks. Watch this space.

Update, Oct 26th 2022: The interview on government debt is available here: