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The Globalization of Real Estate Network (GREN) at the Center of Urban and Real Estate Management (CUREM) and the Department of Economics (Prof. Mathias Hoffmann) at the University of Zurich are organizing a one-week

Autumn Forum on « The Globalization of Real Estate Markets»

to be held at the University of Zurich from 9-12 September 2019.

The Forum is addressed mainly at advanced PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and assistant professors working in the areas of real estate, urban economics, (international) finance, macroeconomics, labor economics and their intersection. The aim is to bring together researchers from various backgrounds to discuss the multi-faceted aspects of the impact of globalization on real estate markets. These aspects include but are not limited to

– the role of international capital flows for local real estate markets. Is there a global housing cycle? Are there international spillovers (e.g. during financial crises) from local housing market dynamics?

– the impact of migration on local housing markets

– estimating supply restrictions in local housing markets

– the political economy of housing finance and local housing markets. How does it interact with migration and international capital flows? What’s the role of digitalization (AirBnB, Uber…) on local housing markets?

– housing as a global asset class. What does the “great mortgaging” of banking imply for housing markets? What’s the true return on housing?

– the interaction between local housing markets and economic inequality.

– understanding housing markets in emerging economies, notably China, and their repercussions for global imbalances.

– global housing data. How can we come to a common evidence base for comparative economic research on housing?

Format of the Autumn School

The program will consist of a mix of research presentations by the participants and of lectures by leading international academics. Prof. Yongheng Deng (U Wisonsin) and Prof. Christian Hilber (London School of Economics) have agreed to give two half-day lectures and a keynote address. Other senior academics from GREN will actively participate and provide in-depth feedback to junior researchers.

Afternoons will be dedicated to presentations by the participants and to discussion and collaboration. The aim is to generate an informal atmosphere in which there is ample time and opportunity for researchers from different fields to interact and which fosters research collaboration on housing markets that transcends the classic field boundaries.

The program is available here.

Lecture materials and individual papers & presentations are available in the download area (login required).