The Euro at 20

Mathias Hoffmann will present his new paper “Are capital market and banking union complements? Evidence from Risk Sharing Channels in the EMU”   co-authored with Egor Maslov, Bent E. Sorensen and Iryna Stewen at the Conference “The Euro at 20” on June 25-26 2018 co-organized by the IMF, the Central Bank of Ireland and the IMF Economic Review. The full program of the conference and the conference draft of the paper are available here. For the current version of the paper follow the link at the paper title above.    

ADB/ECB conference in Singapore

  I will present my paper with Toshihiro Okubo “By a Silken Thread: regional banking integration and credit reallocation during Japan’s lost decade”at the conference on Financial Regulation: Intermediation, Stability and Productivity at National University  of Singapore. The conference is co-organized by the Asian Development Bank, the European Central Bank, Singapore Monetary Athority and the National University of Singapore.